Yes, a fender bender is a vehicle collision. In fact, even minor collisions can be extremely harmful, causing serious injuries that change the victim’s life.

If you or a loved one has been in a fender bender, consider your options for seeking compensation. An insurance claim or lawsuit may be necessary, and a car accident lawyer can help with either pursuit.

What Is a “Fender Bender”?

​Does a “Fender Bender” Count as an AccidentA fender bender generally refers to an accident where two vehicles collide at a relatively low speed, resulting in only minor vehicle damage.

A fender bender can happen when:

  • Vehicles make contact during times of high-density traffic
  • A vehicle strikes another that is pulling out of or into a parking spot
  • Wet or icy conditions cause vehicles to slide, even when they’re traveling at low speeds


There are many other circumstances under which a fender bender can happen. While these accidents may seem minor compared to high-speed, head-on collisions, serious harm can still result.

Damages That a Fender Bender Can Cause for a Victim

People involved in minor collisions may not emerge unscathed.

Your accident may:

  • Cause damage to your vehicle, which cost money to repair—even if the damage isn’t extensive
  • Cause physical injuries
  • Require you to seek medical care and incur medical expenses
  • Cause you to miss work
  • Cause you to lose sleep, lose quality of life, and suffer other types of pain and suffering
  • Cause other damages

Whiplash is one injury that may occur during a fender bender. Whiplash happens when someone’s neck moves rapidly back and forth, which can happen because during even low speed vehicle crashes. Whiplash causes neck pain and other symptoms, and often these symptoms are not felt immediately after your accident.

What You Should Do After a Fender Bender

After any crash, even a fender bender, you should take steps at the outset in case you need to file an injury claim. If injuries turn out to be serious, and you miss work and suffer long-term symptoms, you want to be prepared to achieve the best result possible.

Hiring an attorney may be the surest way to maximize your financial recovery.

An attorney can immediately assist your case by:

  • Investigating the scene of your accident
  • Obtaining a copy of any accident reports
  • Handling communications with insurance companies
  • Advising you on case strategy
  • Developing evidence, witnesses and damages in your case
  • Preparing your case for a fair financial recovery

A lawyer will likely advise that you get medical care for your injuries as soon as possible. You want to establish that your fender bender caused your injuries, and medical records can prove that. More importantly, you want to ensure that you receive appropriate treatment for your injuries.

How an Attorney Can Help You After a Fender Bender Accident

A lawyer should manage your entire case from the moment you hire them. Car accident lawsuits and claims can become complicated.

You will feel grateful for a lawyer’s help, as they spare you from:

  • Having to research insurance and legal practices
  • Spending time handling your claim or lawsuit while recovering from injury or trying to get back to work
  • Having to figure out the value of your case
  • Spending money out-of-pocket to complete your case

A lawyer can help get the compensation you deserve. Personal injury law firms should handle all case-related costs and not collect a fee unless they win for you. That means if your case is not successful, you should not be responsible for any case-related expenses.

Who Is Liable for a Fender Bender?

You can hold another motorist is generally liable when they cause a fender bender for many reasons, for example:

  • They went faster than was safe
  • They were distracted
  • They drove under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • They did anything that caused a fender bender

Motorists are not always liable, though. A vehicle manufacturer may be responsible for a defect that leads to an accident, such as a brake failure. A municipality may be liable for confusing road conditions that lead to a fender bender. In other circumstances, you may hold other parties liable.

What Is a Fender-Bender Accident Case Worth?

Lawyers evaluate each fender-bender accident case individually. They review their clients’ losses, gather documentation, and determine a monetary cost for each damage. The attorney then reviews the losses and determines how much compensation is reasonable.

Some factors that may determine the cost of your case include:

  • What types of injuries you’ve suffered
  • How severe and long-lasting your symptoms are
  • What types of medical care you received or will need
  • How severe your pain and suffering is

All car accidents require careful analysis. An attorney will familiarize themselves with both your accident and the resulting damages. They will calculate the settlement you deserve, then fight for that settlement.

Your Case Has a Time Limit, so Don’t Wait to Get Legal Help

Personal injury cases must be filed by a deadline, known as the statute of limitations. This deadline may vary depending on the state where your accident happened. Other factors, such as the age of the injured party or the party against whom the claim is being made, may also affect the statute of limitations.

Never wait before getting legal help. Even if you’re clear of the statute of limitations, certain evidence may become unavailable or useless if you wait too long to start your case. Let an attorney start your case today.

Call an Attorney Today to Start Your Pursuit of Justice

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You don’t have to handle your case for face your injuries alone. A lawyer can be a comfort and a massive help after a fender bender. You can focus on your recovery and continue to live your life while a lawyer works to achieve a fair recovery in your case.

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