How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Lawyer

Most people incorrectly assume that hiring a personal injury attorney is expensive. If you suffered accidental injuries and you were not to blame, you may benefit from hiring an experienced attorney. Finding out how much a personal injury attorney will cost to retain is the first step in determining if you should hire a personal injury lawyer. Read on to discover how most personal injury lawyers are typically paid for their services.

What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Charge?

There are different ways that law firms charge for their services. Instead of charging an hourly rate, as most other attorneys do, personal injury lawyers often work under contingency fee arrangements. Personal injury lawyers who work on a contingency fee basis only receive payment for their work if your case is successful, which means your lawyer’s fee is deducted as a percentage of your recovery in the case. If your case is unsuccessful, your lawyer will not collect a fee.

Understanding a Contingency Fee Arrangement

Accidents often happen when the victim least expects it, which is why most people are unprepared to deal with an emergency or the tremendous medical costs associated with them. Putting your life on hold for days or even years can have an impact on your financial future. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can save you time and money, while allowing you to focus on your recovery.

Hiring a knowledgeable legal professional is an important step in receiving the compensation you need to get your life back on track after an accident. The percentage a personal injury is paid from the recovery in your case can depend upon several factors such as the complexity of the case, reputation of the attorney and stage of the case when recovery is obtained. Reading through the contingency fee agreement and asking the right questions can provide you with a better understanding of how one particular attorney structures their fees compared to another.

Are There Any Additional Costs I Should Know About?

As with any case, handling personal injury cases involve additional costs that need to be paid. Depending on your contingency fee agreement, you may be responsible for reimbursement of court fees or other expenses associated with handling the case

Examples of costs include:

  • Medical record fees
  • Expert witness fees
  • Court filing fees
  • Summons and subpoena costs

Most personal injury lawyers will advance these fees on your behalf. If your case results in a recovery, your lawyer will be reimbursed these costs out of proceeds of the case. If you work with a firm that requires you to make these payments as they come, your case will not move forward until you pay these expenditures in full.

Finding a firm that will advance these costs can increase your compensation award in some cases. Whether you pay for these additional costs upfront or out of an eventual recovery, you should ensure that your legal contract clearly outlines this arrangement. If you choose to hire a lawyer on a pure contingency fee basis, remember that you won’t pay a penny out of pocket unless your case is successful.

How Do Clients Benefit From Contingency Fee Arrangements?

A client’s primary benefit from a contingency fee arrangement is obtaining a lawyer without worrying about paying hourly costs. Additionally, most lawyers who accept cases on a contingency fee arrangement assess the risks before accepting the case. The best personal injury lawyers will not pursue any frivolous litigation.

Instead, they have the incentive to only take on cases they believe have a high probability of success.  If your case results in a recovery, your lawyer will provide an itemized list of all case expenses and attorney fees. You may be able to dispute certain charges you disagree with. Your lawyer will place the amount in dispute into a trust until you’ve resolved the disagreement.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer About Your Case

Our firm is proud to offer our clients free consultations. The contingency fee arrangements we work from mean you won’t receive any bills for costs or attorney fees. Instead, our lawyers are paid a percentage of the final amount you receive at the end of your case and reimbursed costs advanced in handling your case. You should never have to worry about hidden charges or fees. We provide all clients with itemized lists of every deduction.  If there is no recovery, there is no fee or cost reimbursement owed. Don’t put yourself at a disadvantage by attempting to represent yourself; put your trust in one of our compassionate personal injury lawyers today.

Contingency Fees FAQ

How much should I expect to receive for my case?

The value of your case will depend on the unique circumstances involved. The severity of your injuries, extent of treatment and the facts involved that led to them are factors used to determine the amount of compensation that is appropriate.

What are the advantages of a contingency fee arrangement?

There are several advantages of a contingency fee arrangement. The most apparent is there are no up-front costs, and you can rest assured that your lawyer has every incentive to get the best possible result in your case.  If the case is not successful, you pay the attorney nothing.

How does a lawyer determine the contingency fee percentage?

The typical percentage for personal injury lawyers who work on contingency fee arrangements varies from around 33% to 45%. However these rates are negotiable and different states may have different rules.  Sometimes the contingency agreement will call for different percentages to be paid depending on when during the course of the case the recovery is achieved.

Are there monetary limits in personal injury cases?

With rare exception, there are no monetary limits in personal injury claims; however, you should ensure all damages are documented. Scheduling an initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer is the best way to determine how much your personal injury case may be worth.

What should I do if I suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence?

Consulting with an experienced personal injury lawyer is the best way to determine if you are entitled to compensation for injuries caused by another party’s careless actions. Initial consultations are usually free of charge and can provide you with vital information about your claim. Before meeting with an attorney, you should gather as much evidence as you can, including witness information or photographs of the accident. If you’re wondering if you can make a case for your injuries, don’t wait. Contact a personal injury lawyer near you today.