San Jose Wrongful Death Lawyer

When a fatal accident robs you of a family member, you might be able to get justice by holding the responsible party financially accountable. Discover your options by speaking with a San Jose wrongful death lawyer.

There is nothing more heartbreaking or tragic than the untimely death of a loved one. However, if you believe your loved one died as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be able to take legal action on behalf of your dearly departed. And you may be entitled to compensation for the damages you and your loved one suffered.

If you believe you have grounds for a wrongful death claim, allow a member of our firm, Bohn & Fletcher, LLP, to help you. Having a San Jose wrongful death lawyer on your side is the best way to build a successful case and receive the financial compensation you deserve.

Common Causes for Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Unfortunately, there are several common situations and circumstances that end up requiring the services of a San Jose wrongful death lawyer. Some common causes of fatal accidents that might qualify as wrongful death situations are as follows:

  • Vehicular Accidents If your loved one was involved in a car crash that resulted in his or her death, you have the right to file a claim for damages.
  • Workplace and Construction AccidentsIf your loved one was killed while on the job, any outside third parties that were somehow negligent could owe you compensation.
  • Defective ProductsSometimes extremely dangerous products make it to market and lead to deaths. Defective medications are especially high risk for this.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in California?

In California, there are certain guidelines and regulations that state who can and cannot legally file a wrongful death claim on behalf of a deceased loved one. Although there are limitations, there are also extenuating circumstances that might allow someone who was otherwise not allowed to file a claim to bring a wrongful death lawsuit.

Those who will always be allowed to file a claim are usually members of the deceased’s immediate family. In the state of California, this includes the deceased’s spouse, children, or life partner. Additionally, this will sometimes include the deceased’s parents or siblings.

Extenuating circumstances may allow for those who are not related to the deceased by blood to file a wrongful death claim. This is usually granted by proving that the person filing the wrongful death claim had a financial dependency on the deceased. Typically, this includes the deceased’s stepchildren or the “putative” spouse. Your San Jose wrongful death lawyer can help prove your eligibility for filing a claim if this is your situation.

Types of Compensation for Wrongful Death Claims

Losing a loved one isn’t just emotionally difficult—it can also be incredibly expensive. This is especially true in wrongful death cases, in which the passing of a loved one is sudden and unexpected. Thankfully, a San Jose wrongful death lawyer will have the skills to help you receive proper compensation and navigate such a trying time.

Some of the damages or expenses you can receive compensation for in a wrongful death case are as follows:

  • Funeral Expenses – This may include everything from the cost of the casket to the headstone to the funeral service itself.
  • Medical Bills – Any bills that were accrued by treating your loved one’s injuries before passing as a result of the accident can be covered by your wrongful death compensation.
  • Loss of Income – If your loved one played a role in supporting your household, we may be able to get you compensation to make up for any income you have lost or will lose in the future.
  • Loss of Love and Moral Support – No amount of money could ever replace your loved one. However, you have the right to seek compensation for the emotional hardship you have been forced to suffer as a result of the fatal accident. This may also include loss of attention, loss of affection, and loss of guidance.

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Losing a loved one is hard enough. Getting the compensation you are owed shouldn’t have to be difficult, as well. Let Bohn & Fletcher, LLP, provide you with the legal counsel, knowledge, and support you need during this troubling time.

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