San Jose Product Liability Lawyer

Products are designed and made for the benefit and enjoyment of those who use them. Manufacturers and suppliers alike profit from the sale and distribution of their products. If they make or sell products which are defective and harm people, they can be held accountable for the harm they cause. A product liability claim is the consumer’s tool for enforcing such accountability.

Product Liability Law

Sometimes, a bystander of the product (rather than a user) is injured (such as in an exploding tire case, defective vehicle design case, pedicure infection case or a structural collapse case). The injuries inflicted can be catastrophic and disfiguring (i.e. quadriplegia, paraplegia, amputation, burn injury, brain injury, blindness, scarring). The injured party may have no way of knowing what the nature of the defect was that caused the injury, or even who was the manufacturer or distributor.

Our San Jose Product Liability Attorneys

The San Jose product liability lawyers at Bohn & Fletcher know how to evaluate, investigate and successfully prosecute defective product cases. Experts in various fields such as engineering design, metallurgy, human factors, labeling, accident reconstruction, biomechanics or otherwise assist in isolating the underlying causes of an incident and resulting injury. To pursue such a case, a law firm must have not only the requisite skills, but also the resources to challenge huge corporate conglomerates and their armies of high-priced lawyers. The San Jose product liability lawyers at Bohn & Fletcher routinely take on these corporate giants and their counsel, including General Motors, Ford, Dorel, Cosco, Wal-Mart, FMC, IBM, Apple, Praxair, Pennzoil, General Tire, Peterbilt and others (both foreign and domestic).

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