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There’s little that feels more liberating than cruising the roads in and around Santa Clara on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, getting into a serious accident can instantaneously take away that freedom.

If you find yourself the victim of a motorcycle crash, the prospects of a full recovery may seem slim. Even if you’re able to overcome significant health obstacles, your wallet will likely be hurting.

Luckily, a Santa Clara motorcycle accident lawyer at Golden State Lawyers, APC can help you obtain the compensation you need for a full recovery.

The Deck Is Stacked Against You

Unfair perceptions and biases can quickly derail your claim for compensation after a motorcycle crash. Insurance companies and other parties will quickly point to the false stereotype that suggests that all motorcyclists drive recklessly.

Even if you can prove that you were riding with extreme care at the time of your crash, the defendant’s insurance company and legal representation will likely use every trick in the book to attempt to place the blame on you.

However, these attempts will likely fall short if you arm yourself with a qualified Santa Clara motorcycle crash attorney. Your lawyer will know how to combat unfair stereotypes and detail the true events that led to your collision.

Understanding Comparative Negligence

A factor that can complicate motorcycle accident injury claims in California is comparative negligence. In broad strokes, this rule allows multiple parties, including you, to share the blame for your accident.

A slight error you made on the road could lead to you being held partially liable for your accident. The percentage of responsibility you hold for your motorcycle crash will be subtracted from the compensation you’re awarded.

The prospect of losing part of the compensation you desperately need after your crash because the other side twisted the story in its favor isn’t a good one. But a Santa Clara motorcycle collision lawyer can make sure your side of the story is heard loud and clear.

Valuing Your Injury Claim

Outside of filing your claim properly and on time, one of the most important things a Santa Clara motorcycle accident attorney can help with is placing the appropriate value on your claim.

The amount of compensation you receive will depend on the type and extent of your injuries. Some common injuries that motorcycle accident victims suffer include the following:

You’ll need to discuss with your lawyer how your injuries have affected your life. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to receive compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost

wages, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and scarring or disfigurement, among other damages.

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After you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, the last thing you want is a complex, drawn-out battle for the compensation you deserve.

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