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Workplace Injury Lawyer in San JoseAt the conclusion of a workers’ compensation case, a permanent disability award is often given. The award is determined from a list of awards made by the government and never fully compensates the victim – especially for a major injury. Some injuries are not covered at all or have low limits for awards such as for emotional distress or psychological injuries.

If a third party (someone other than the employer or a co-worker) contributes to causing the accident, the employee may have additional recourse by way of a civil suit against the responsible third party. In a civil suit, such as those brought by the San Jose workplace injury lawyers of Bohn & Fletcher, the injured employee has a renewed chance to receive fair and adequate compensation for the full amount of their damages.

Examples of Third Party Liability Accidents Include:

  • Receptionist driving on company business is injured in a traffic collision
  • Painter standing on a scaffold improperly erected by a general contractor is injured when the scaffold collapses
  • Carpenter using a defective nail gun is injured when it explodes
  • Laborer is injured when he turns on a high-pressure oxygen line that explodes because the installer of the line used the wrong valve for the system
Ram Fletcher Personal Injury Attorney

Ram Fletcher, San Jose Workplace Injury Lawyer

Properly representing clients in cases of third party liability requires knowledge of how the workers’ compensation case and civil case interplay. While the San Jose workplace injury lawyers of Bohn & Fletcher do not handle workers compensation cases, we do represent employees injured on the job in third party liability civil suits.

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“I cannot thank Bohn & Fletcher enough. I came to Bohn & Fletcher with a very difficult case. It was an injury from years ago that had continued to get worse and as the medical bills came in my stress level increased. They went above and beyond time and time again. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions but they did what everyone else said was impossible. I am so relieved that this chapter in my life is coming to end. Thank you!”

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