San Jose Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Sexual abuse is a serious crime that leaves a lasting impact. If you’ve been sexually abused, you may suffer because of someone else’s actions for years or for your life. And when your pain is caused by someone else, you deserve compensation for it.

Getting full compensation isn’t always easy, however. Whether you’re facing opposition from the defendant or simply struggling to handle your own pain and suffering, you may need some help.

A San Jose sexual abuse lawyer at our firm is ready to provide the empathy and understanding you need after such a serious assault. If you or a loved one have been molested or sexually assaulted, don’t hesitate to get the help you need to get full and fair compensation.

How Will an Injury Claim Help?

If you have been sexually assaulted, you deserve retribution and justice for what you have suffered. In many cases, however, the perpetrator has already been put behind bars. But this does not mean you have everything you need to heal after this type of assault.

Indeed, you’re likely suffering from many serious damages to your finances, physical health, and mental health. Fortunately, a civil case can help you get your life back after an assault. While a criminal case will charge the abuser with a crime, which you can leverage for your own claim, a civil case can provide compensation for your suffering.

Be sure to act quickly, however. In California, you will only have two years to file your personal injury lawsuit, so you will need to decide whether to act. A sexual abuse lawyer in San Jose can help you make a plan of action when you begin your claim.

Sexual Abuse Damages

When you decide to file a San Jose sexual abuse claim, you then need to decide how much your claim is worth—this is where a lawyer can help immensely before your claim is ever filed. A sexual abuse claim typically covers two major damages: physical damages and emotional damages.

Physical damages are generally easier to calculate. After all, you should still have your hospital bills and any bills for physical injuries or related expenses you might have suffered. You may also, however, receive compensation for the severe mental trauma a sexual assault can cause.

Some of these expenses are more obvious, such as the cost of the years of therapy you or your child may need after the assault. Calculating the impact of emotional trauma, such as the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), can be much more subjective. Getting a lawyer for this part of the process can be a tremendous help.  

Get in Touch with a San Jose Sexual Abuse Attorney

You may not want to return to your trauma to handle a civil case, but the compensation you stand to win can help you get back on your feet. At Golden State Lawyers, APC, we understand how difficult this can be, and you can expect our firm to fight hard for your full compensation.

A San Jose sexual abuse lawyer at our firm wants to get you the help you need to heal after your abuse. If you or your child have suffered at the hands of another, don’t assume that your case is closed until you’ve received the full compensation you deserve. For a consultation about your case, call us at 408-279-4222 or fill out our contact form below.