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Scooters have been increasing in popularity as an enjoyable, efficient alternative to motor vehicles. With a compact size, scooters are convenient and easy to park when buzzing around town. Because they incorporate electric motors, scooters are an environmentally friendly and affordable mode of transportation. San Jose’s pleasant climate and increasing traffic congestion make scooters an even more attractive transportation alternative.

Nationally, Bird and Lime were the first companies to rent scooters, but more and more companies are offering them—including Bolt, gruv, Sherpa, Spin, VeoRide, and Wheels, plus rideshare companies Lyft and Uber (the latter through its Jump brand).

Recently, shared scooter progThe teams have become increasingly accessible throughout the city. Rideshare scooter progThe teams provide dockless electric scooters for short-term rental as a mode of transportation for city residents and visitors. Anyone with the corresponding app on their cell phone can utilize a nearby scooter. After reaching your destination, you simply leave the scooter, which becomes available for other users.

The concept is useful and efficient, but inexperienced riders can quickly become problematic. First-time riders or visitors who are unfamiliar with San Jose’s roadways contribute to the occurrence of accidents. Riders involved in accidents with other motor vehicles and pedestrians can cause and suffer severe injuries.

If you have suffered injuries as a result of a scooter accident in or around San Jose, contact Golden State Lawyers. Set up a free consultation to discuss your case with our dedicated team. One of our experienced personal injury lawyers can evaluate your case and help you determine the best way to proceed.

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San Jose Scooter Laws

Because the concept of shared scooter services is relatively new, current California laws pertaining to riders are not always clear. That’s where an experienced lawyer at Golden State Lawyers can help you identify which existing laws might best apply to your situation.

Because the laws are not clear, riders may be uncertain about where and when they are allowed to operate scooters. As scooters gain popularity, California state legislators continue to work to introduce laws offering more specific guidelines for users. In addition, city and county governments in California often enact regulations pertaining to scooter-use.

Popular forms of transportation can include:

  • Motorized scooters and go-peds (both gas and electric). Motorized scooters are small two or three-wheel motor vehicles that users can sit or stand to operate.
  • Pocket bikes. Pocket bikes are mini-motorcycles that have 50cc engines (or smaller).
  • Mopeds (both gas and electric). Mopeds are two-wheel vehicles, which also have a 50cc engine (or less). They can travel up to a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour.
  • Motorized bicycles (electric). Motorized bicycles have an electric helper motor which allows them to reach speeds up to 20 miles per hour.

Under California law, to operate a motorized scooter, go-ped, pocket bike, or moped, the rider must have a driver’s license. Additionally, vendors of shareable e-scooters (or Micro Mobility vehicles) must receive a permit before operating within San Jose.

Seeking Compensation After a San Jose Scooter Accident

If you have suffered injuries in a scooter accident, you may be entitled to compensation under California law. If the accident was caused by another’s actions or negligence, they may be responsible for damages resulting from the accident. A lawyer can help you successfully negotiate a settlement or litigate a favorable outcome. A successful personal injury claim may entitle you to compensation for a range of damages including:

  • Past medical treatment costs. Medical treatment costs may include ambulance transportation, emergency response services, emergency room visits, and hospital stays. You may also recover for any surgeries, X-rays, follow up care, and medication required to treat your injuries.
  • Future medical expenses. Scooter accidents frequently cause severe injuries. Survivors may recover future medical expenses for injuries requiring extensive rehabilitation or causing permanent disability.
  • Lost wages. The injured may recover lost wages for missed time from work resulting from the accident, treatment, and recovery.
  • Lost earning capacity. Scooter accidents may cause catastrophic injuries preventing survivors from returning to work or seeking gainful employment. Injuries that prevent survivors from performing their regular job duties, they may recover for lost earning capacity.
  • Loss of consortium. Loss of consortium applies to a survivor’s relationship with a spouse.
  • Other non-economic costs. Depending on your particular circumstances you may be entitled to other non-economic damages. Non-economic damages may include pain and suffering, emotional distress, or loss of quality of life.

If you lost a child or other family member after a scooter accident, you may consider filing a wrongful death claim. A wrongful death claim is designed to hold those responsible for your loss accountable. Your eligibility to file a suit depends on your relationship with the deceased. Eligible surviving family members might recover some of the damages listed above. In addition, they may recover costs associated with funeral and burial or cremation expenses. Specific non-economic damages may be available to certain family members. We can advise you on which damages apply to your family’s situation.

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Scooter accidents are happening more and more in California and the San Jose area, and current laws remain unclear. Being in a scooter accident can cause severe injuries, which can result in significant losses to you and your family. Let a skilled San Jose scooter accident attorney handle the stressful legal aspects of your claim.

San Jose Scooter Accident AttorneysAn attorney can deal with insurance companies and file the required paperwork associated with your claim. With a scooter accident attorney, you can focus on your recovery. Call (408) 279-4222 or contact the skilled legal team at Golden State Lawyers online for a free consultation to discuss your case.