San Jose Poisoning Lawyer

It may sound scary, but toxins are everywhere. Your home, your workplace, the foods you eat, the medications you take—much of your daily life can expose you to toxins, particularly when manufacturers, employers, and property owners don’t keep your safety in mind.

Sometimes, exposure to a toxin can cause you to become sick or otherwise poisoned, and you can find yourself fighting for your life and financial stability while you’re unable to work. Most people in this situation have to consider pursuing compensation because medical bills and other expenses quickly begin to pile up.

If you’ve been poisoned, a San Jose poisoning lawyer at Golden State Lawyers, APC can help you obtain the compensation you need to get your life back.


Exposure to Poisons in San Jose

Rarely do two people experience toxic exposure in the same way, but there are usually some common threads in San Jose poisoning cases.

One common type of poisoning case centers around the use of defective products. For example, let’s say you take a medication, just to find out that ingesting the pill leads to birth defects when you have a child.

If the pharmaceutical company behind the pill knew that taking the drug carried this risk, it could be considered negligent in not communicating that information to consumers. Even if the company didn’t know, the damage has been done, and it can still be held liable.

Another example of poisoning could come into play in premises liability accidents. If you are lawfully on a property—renting an apartment, for instance—that contained harmful compounds or chemicals, such as lead, asbestos, and other carcinogens, you might be able to pursue compensation because your health was unduly put at risk.

Even food poisoning can lead to expensive medical bills and other damages. If a food producer acted negligently and caused your food poisoning, you may be able to pursue compensation.

Your San Jose poisoning attorney will help you assess which type of case you have and plan your next steps.


Compensation for Poisoning

A multitude of factors can influence the value of your San Jose poisoning claim. For instance, if you have become so sick that you are unable to return to work, you could be compensated for all the income you would have earned from now until your retirement. That can add up quickly.

The value of your claim will depend most heavily on the extent of your injuries. Worse injuries will translate to more compensation if your claim is successful.

The following are some poisoning damages for which you may be able to seek compensation:

  • Current medical bills, including those that would cover all diseases caused by the toxin
  • Expected future medical bills if your condition will require ongoing care
  • Lost wages during your recovery
  • Damage to your quality of life
  • Pain and suffering


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