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“A catastrophic injury can change your life for the worse, sometimes permanently. If someone else was to blame, then make certain you get compensated for your losses by working with a San Jose personal injury lawyer.”

When you are injured, whether due to a car accident, unsafe conditions on someone else’s property, or any other incident, the one thing you want to focus on is recovering from your injuries and moving forward. Unfortunately, many people find that this is impossible. Between unmanageable medical bills, missed work, and fighting with the insurance company to get the compensation you deserve, trying to move forward can be difficult. That is why it is critical that you contact an experienced San Jose personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. An attorney can shoulder the responsibility for your insurance claim or lawsuit, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most: your health and your family.

At Bohn & Fletcher, LLP, our team of highly trained and experienced attorneys fights tirelessly for clients so that they obtain the compensation they need. Our number one goal is to achieve full and fair compensation from the party responsible for harming our clients. We focus on personal injury law and only represent injured people, never individuals or entities that cause harm.

What Are Common Examples of Personal Injury Cases?

There are many different ways you can be injured; the details of the accident or situation that caused your injury will affect the outcome of your case and the damages you can recover. An experienced personal injury lawyer can properly identify the type of case you have and can help you build the strongest case possible. While the details always vary, some common types of personal injury cases include:

  • Auto Accidents – Whether they involve passenger carssemi-trucks, or motorcycles, traffic accidents and collisions are some of the most common sources of personal injury cases. If you were struck by another driver as a motorist or were injured by a vehicle as a pedestrian, then you may be able to recover compensation for your damages through an insurance claim or injury lawsuit. An attorney can investigate to determine who was at-fault for the accident and assist you in filing your claim.
  • Slip-and-Fall Cases – Slip-and-fall accidents are incredibly common, and they can happen almost anywhere. Common causes include wet floors, dangerously uneven sidewalks, unsafe or uneven stairs, and loose carpeting. Generally, the property owner is liable for these types of accidents.
  • Product Liability – If you were injured while using a product as intended, then you have the right to file a claim and seek financial compensation. The manufacturer or designer is responsible for ensuring that each product they put on the market is safe for use. These cases are usually very complex, so you should always consult with a San Jose personal injury lawyer.
  • Construction Accidents – Although there is some inherent danger in working on a construction site, you have a right to expect everyone involved at a worksite to follow proper safety procedures. If you were injured in a construction accident caused by a third party other than your employer, then you may be able to file an injury lawsuit. An attorney can help determine the exact cause of your accident as well as all liable parties.
  • Dog Bites – Canine owners have an obligation to control their animals. If you were attacked by a dog then you have every right to seek compensation for your injuries and losses.

What Are Common Types of Personal Injuries?

No two personal injury cases are alike; each one comes with its own set of facts to consider. However, there are a few common injuries that might cause you to file a claim seeking compensation for damages. These include:

  • Head or Brain Injuries – Traumatic brain injuries are particularly complicated because they may not become apparent for weeks, months, or even years after an accident. What appears to be a minor bump on the head could later be identified as a concussion or mild brain injury. However, even a concussion can cause impairments that may last a lifetime, if not properly treated. These types of wounds often come about as a result of a car accident or sports injury.
  • Spinal Injury – Serious neck and back injuries can be especially debilitating, and even cause permanent paralysis. At best, they may leave you in significant pain for a long period. At worst, they could result in partial or complete paralysis. Common causes of spinal injuries are falls and motor vehicle accidents.
  • Broken Bones – A broken bone can cause a major inconvenience to your everyday life. Between the medical costs and the time it takes to heal, a broken bone can result in significant damages. Broken bones are often the result of a slip-and-fall accident and traffic collisions.

Regardless of the specific injury you experience, our personal injury lawyers will know how to assess the value of your damages.

What Damages Can I Recover in a Personal Injury Claim?

It is very rare that an injury sustained from an accident will only affect one facet of your life. Instead, you are more likely to find that you incur damages in multiple areas as a result of a single incident. As such, our attorneys will seek to recover compensation for all of your damages and losses, not just medical expenses. Common damages that you may be able to claim in your personal injury case include:

  • Medical bills, cost of hospital stays, and any other related medical costs. This includes expenses for things like medications, rehabilitation treatments, specialized medical equipment and even permanent, ongoing medical care.
  • Lost wages. For example, you can claim compensation for the time you had to take off of work because of your injury. In some cases, this may include any future time you may be out of work as a result of the accident
  • Pain and suffering. Most personal injury claims include compensation for the physical pain of your injury; this amount is usually directly related to the severity of your injury.
  • Emotional distress or mental anguish. These damages compensate you for the emotional and psychological trauma of an injury.
  • Loss of consortium. You may be able to claim additional damages if your injury severely impacts your relationship with your spouse.
  • Property damage costs. If an accident, such as a car crash, damages your property, then you can usually recover the cost of repairs or replacement.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life. If your injury permanently affects your lifestyle, then you may be able to claim damages for loss of enjoyment of life.

A qualified San Jose personal injury lawyer can advise you on what damages you may be able to recover in your injury claim.

Personal Injury Law FAQs

The aftermath of a serious injury is almost always a chaotic time filled with questions. Below, our personal injury lawyers have answered a few of the more common concerns. However, if you would like more detailed information, then please contact our office to speak with an attorney about your unique situation.

How much time do I have to file a personal injury claim?

California law sets the statute of limitations for personal most injury claims at just two years from the date of the injury. This is different for claims against a government entity, however. In these cases, you must give notice of your claim within six months. Exceeding these time limits could cost you your right to seek financial compensation.

Additionally, the details of your case may increase or reduce this time limit. Therefore, you should always consult an attorney as soon as possible to learn how long you have to file.

Can I still seek compensation for my injury if I was partially at fault for the accident?

Yes, as long as someone else was partially responsible, you can seek damages from him or her in a personal injury claim. However, your percentage of the fault will reduce your financial award. Therefore, it is important to build a strong case that limits your liability as much as possible.

What can I do if a family member died in an accident that was caused by someone else?

If a close family member was involved in a fatal accident, then you might be eligible to recover monetary damages damages by filing a wrongful death claim against the responsible party. You can claim compensation similar to a personal injury claim, in addition to funeral expenses and loss of the deceased’s financial support.

Hurt or Lose a Loved One in California? Get Help From a San Jose Personal Injury Lawyer

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