San Jose Forklift Accident Lawyer

Forklifts move very slowly, which may lull you into thinking that there is no danger in being around or operating one. The truth is that forklifts are very heavy and not always stable on slippery surfaces, which often makes them cause serious workplace injuries.

If you’ve been injured by a forklift on the job, contact a San Jose forklift accident lawyer at Bohn & Fletcher, LLP for help pursuing compensation.


Filing a Personal Injury Claim for a Work Accident

It’s a common misconception that injured workers are only eligible for workers compensation. In fact, under certain circumstances, you may be eligible to recover additional compensation through a personal injury claim.

In forklift accidents, you will first want to consider any possible negligence on the part of your employer. For example, if the operator of the forklift was younger than eighteen at the time of the accident, operating the forklift was a violation of federal law because he or she was too young.  

You may also want to consider the design of the forklift responsible for the injury because the manufacturer can be held liable if it sold a faulty product that injured you.


Injuries Tied to Forklifts

Although many workplace injuries can be prevented with the implementation of proper safety standards, this nugget of advice is not much help once you’ve already been injured.

Forklifts pose several operational dangers that can result in serious injuries. These include the following:


  • Overturning – Forklift overturns are responsible for a quarter of all forklift-related deaths, making them the most fatal accident type among operators. If external circumstances caused by other partiesa manufacturer, coworker, or your employer, for example—had any responsibility for the accident, you may have a viable claim for compensation.
  • Being Hit as a Bystander – If you were hit by a forklift being operated in close proximity to you, you likely have grounds for a viable claim. Once again, it’s imperative to identify the parties responsible.
  • Falls – Forklift operators and passengers are susceptible to injury from falling off the vehicle. Speeding and sharp turns may increase the risk of this outcome.


Your San Jose forklift injury lawyer will assess the details of your case and discuss your next steps with you.


Forklift Injury Compensation

As with any personal injury claim, the worse your injuries are, the more compensation you will likely be eligible for.

You will want to account for any and all losses you or your family incurred from the forklift accident.

Some damages you might suffer after being injured in a San Jose forklift accident include the following:

  • Present and future healthcare costs
  • Lost wages during your recovery
  • Lost future income because you’re unable to return to work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Scarring and disfigurement


Call a San Jose Forklift Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been hurt by a forklift at work, obtaining the compensation you’re owed is extremely important because your livelihood has already been put on the line.

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