What Should I Tell the Insurance Company About My Car Accident?

Many people don’t know how to deal with insurance companies, especially if they’ve never been in a vehicle collision before. After your wreck, you are probably wondering what you should tell the insurance company about your car accident.

You must be very careful when talking with the insurance company because insurers often engage in sneaky tactics to lower the payout they have to make to victims of car wrecks. You should certainly report the accident, but read the following list of dos and don’ts so you’ll know what is and isn’t OK to say.


What to Do After Your Auto Wreck

Here’s what you can do after your car accident:

  • Do notify your insurer of the accident. Give pertinent information only, such as the date and time of the accident, who was involved, license plate numbers, etc.
  • Do call a lawyer to discuss your insurance claim and possibly filing a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver. Tell your insurer to speak with your lawyer.
  • Do seek medical attention right away. Tell the insurer you’re seeing a doctor and that you will have more information about your injuries later.
  • Do document the accident scene and your injuries as best as you can, and inform the insurer that your lawyer will relay all the necessary documentation at the appropriate time.


What Not to Do After Your Car Crash

Here’s what not to do:

  • Don’t admit to any fault or blame.
  • Don’t make any official statements, and don’t allow the insurance company to record your phone conversations.
  • Don’t talk about your injuries, and definitely don’t say you weren’t injured. You may not even know if you’ve been injured immediately following your wreck because some injuries won’t be felt for several days.
  • Don’t accept the first settlement offer that comes your way without speaking with a lawyer first.


Call a California Car Crash Attorney

Now you know what you should tell the insurance company about your car accident, as well as what you shouldn’t say. To help maximize the amount of compensation you could receive for your crash, speak with a California vehicle wreck attorney with Bohn & Fletcher, LLP.

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