San Jose SUV Accident Lawyer

Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) can be great vehicles because of the spaciousness and comfort they provide. They can also be dangerous because they have a tendency to roll over when involved in a crash. Research has found that the reason so many SUVs roll over is the high center of gravity and narrow tire width.

If you’ve been involved in an SUV collision, speak with a San Jose SUV accident lawyer to determine your options. You may be owed compensatory damages if the crash evidence suggests negligence, either because of poor manufacturing or another driver’s errors.

Injuries Associated with San Jose SUV Crashes

Many types of vehicle collisions will result in injury, but rollover wrecks have a tendency to leave the victim with serious injuries. A number of factors create this greater risk, such as increased ejection risk and the likelihood of head trauma. Some of the serious injuries caused by SUV rollovers include the following:

What Causes SUVs to Flip?

As discussed, the tendency of SUVs to roll over has to do with their design. The size of the vehicle suggests that a thicker tire width and a lower center of gravity could help to keep these vehicles from flipping over. The actual cause of a rollover often has to do with someone’s negligence, as most San Jose SUV rollover accidents could have been prevented.

To give you an idea of what might cause an SUV to flip, please see some of the common causes below:

  • Dangerous Roads – Road hazards and other dangerous road conditions, such as unreasonably sharp curves, can lead an SUV to flip or roll over.
  • Overcorrection – Because of the above road hazards or to avoid a dangerous driver, you may overcorrect to avoid a collision, causing your SUV to roll over.
  • Tire Issues – Tire traction can play a significant role in SUV accidents, particularly rollovers.

Why does the cause of your SUV accident in San Jose matter? Because the cause will generally point your lawyer to who is at fault. Knowing who is at fault is an essential part of filing a successful personal injury claim and recovering full and fair compensation for your various injuries and damages.

Reach Out to a San Jose Rollover Crash Attorney

Rollover crashes are incredibly dangerous and could have resulted in serious injuries to you or your family members. Many rollovers are the result of someone else’s negligence. Because of poor manufacturing, dangerous roads, or a reckless driver’s careless behavior, you’ve been seriously injured. And you can seek compensation.

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