San Jose Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

Distracted driving is quickly becoming one of the leading causes of car crashes that result in serious injury or death. People still don’t seem to realize how dangerous distracted driving really is—until it’s too late. Texting, eating, applying makeup, and fiddling with the radio are all different forms of distracted driving.

When a driver who has been engaging in reckless, dangerous, or distracted driving has caused you harm, you deserve to be compensated for all the pain, suffering, and stress that person has left you with. Call a San Jose distracted driving accident lawyer with our firm. We believe dangerous drivers should pay for their reckless choices.


Examples of Driver Distractions in San Jose

Many people automatically think of cell phones when they think of what constitutes distracted driving—and they’re correct. Texting, talking, tweeting, posting, sharing, swiping, and checking the local news are all extremely dangerous activities to engage in while you’re supposed to be paying attention to the road.

Cell phones aren’t the only form of distracted driving, though. Even lively conversation with the passengers in your vehicle can be incredibly distracting, and you should minimize as many distractions as possible so you can drive safely. The following are some of the major examples of distracted driving:

  • Cell phone use of any kind
  • Applying makeup
  • Messing with the radio
  • Using a GPS device while the vehicle is in motion
  • Talking with passengers
  • Dealing with children
  • Eating and drinking


How to Prove the Other Driver Was Distracted

One of the most important determinations that must be made in your accident is whose fault it was. In order to make that determination, we must first investigate the cause of the collision.

Did a rabbit run out into the road, causing a driver to swerve to avoid it, or did the driver turn around to hand a child a sippy cup and run through a red light?

If the cause was distracted driving, how do you prove it? The same way you would prove most cases:

  • The Driver Admits to It – This is not likely, but it does happen.
  • Witness Testimony – Speaking to witnesses is a relatively reliable way to suggest fault in a vehicle accident.
  • Video Evidence – Someone may catch the crash on video, or a security or traffic camera may catch it.
  • Cell Phone Records – A text or phone call at the time of the crash can prove distracted driving.


Call a San Jose Distracted Driving Crash Attorney

When drivers make bad choices that hurt others, they should be held accountable. You will need to be compensated for your injuries and damaged property so you can put this crash behind you.

A San Jose distracted driving accident lawyer with Bohn & Fletcher, LLP can help you with that. We will fight for fair compensation from the at-fault driver because these risky driving behaviors must stop. Call us at 408-279-4222 or complete the website contact form below to schedule a free, no-pressure consultation.