Insurance Negotiating Tactics to Watch for After an Accident

After a car crash, wouldn’t it be nice if you could file a claim with the involved insurance companies, provide evidence, and get paid for your accident?

Unfortunately, dealing with insurance companies is anything but nice. Insurers and adjusters care only about their businesses—not about you or providing fair compensation.

They will try to get out of paying on a claim if they can, and they will certainly do everything in their power to lower the total amount they must pay out. They will use a variety of underhanded tactics to do this. The following are the insurance negotiating tactics to watch for after a car accident.


Negotiating Tricks Insurers Use After Accidents

Whether you’ve already begun negotiations with the insurance company or not, knowing these tricks can still help you avoid the hazards the insurers want you to stumble on.

The following are some of the top negotiation tactics insurance companies use after you’ve filed a claim for an accident:

  • They will attempt to get you to admit to partial blame for the accident so they can lower the overall value of your claim by the percentage of fault found with you.
  • Insurers will often ask to record your statement and then carefully steer you into saying the wrong thing.
  • They often challenge the medical evidence of your injury, claiming you aren’t really as hurt as you say you are.
  • Insurance companies will deny the accident took place at all, saying you’re making the whole thing up; or they will say it didn’t happen the way you say it did.
  • They may offer you a quick, low settlement, hoping you’ll take it before contacting a lawyer and learning what your claim is really worth.
  • Insurers will often claim that negligence wasn’t involved in the accident and that they shouldn’t have to compensate you.


Get Negotiation Help from a Car Accident Lawyer

They say knowledge is power—now you have the power of knowing the insurance negotiating tactics to watch for after an accident. And here to help you avoid the traps the auto insurers will lay for you is a qualified personal injury lawyer.

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