San Jose Fuel Fire Accident Lawyers

Screeching noises and clashing metal traumatize many auto accident victims. Fuel fires associated with accidents greatly increase the danger to all parties. Perhaps the most unfortunate aspect of fuel fires is that they are often avoidable with proper safeguards. Our team of dedicated San Jose auto accident attorneys at Bohn & Fletcher, LLP have represented fuel fire victims for more than 40 years in Cupertino, Campbell, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Los Gatos and the greater Bay Area, as well as elsewhere in California. Each attorney at our firm holds the highest national rankings available from Martindale-Hubbell®, and we have achieved a number of multi-million dollar settlements for our injured clients. Our focus is to fight for you and obtain justice.

What Causes Fuel Fires?

Fuel fires, car fires or fuel-fed fires describe a fire that erupts directly after an auto accident because of a gas leak. Fuel fires are especially common in side-impact collisions, since the point of impact may be near the gas tank. A fuel fire might be caused by any combination of:

  • Fuel system structural errors — Weak sealants or other leakage issues may pose a serious threat. Simple shielding of the fuel tank may prevent fuel fires.
  • Poor fuel tank placement — In a design where the fuel tank is near an engine component, the tank can be easily punctured by the engine in the event of a collision.
  • Improper protection — Some fuel tanks are more exposed than others, making them more susceptible to breaking open if pierced in an accident.
  • Absent anti-siphoning device — Car manufacturers may install anti-siphoning devices, which prevent any spilled gas from escaping. However, this is an additional feature many automobile companies choose not to include.

At the San Jose offices of Bohn & Fletcher, we take your case seriously because we believe the law is designed to protect injured people and hold negligent parties accountable. Drivers and passengers should always understand what to do in an accident and contact a qualified auto accident attorney to answer any legal questions.

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