Explaining the San Jose Car Accident Claim Process

Vehicle collisions can happen on any street for various reasons, but many crashes will happen because of another driver’s negligence. When that happens, no amount of precaution on your part could have stopped the wreck from happening.

Now you need to file a car crash claim, but you need some help.

The San Jose car accident claim process will be defined by the circumstances of your case. Calling an auto wreck attorney from Bohn & Fletcher, LLP is a great first step to full understanding of your case’s unique circumstances.


Claims in San Jose

Depending on the seriousness of your wreck, you may need to file a personal injury claim. When negligence was involved in your collision, you can seek compensation from the responsible party.

In California, the fault of both parties must be determined in a system called comparative negligence. If the other party’s negligence was greater than yours, seeking damages for your losses is probably a good idea.


Recovering Damages After a Serious Accident in San Jose

Filing a claim with the involved insurance companies seems reasonable enough—until you learn that neither your insurance company nor the other party’s is really on your side. The insurance companies want to keep their profits high, so they will try to minimize your claim as much as possible.

Determining the cause of your collision is paramount to finding out who was at fault. If you’ve been seriously injured, you will likely need an attorney to assist with investigating what led to your accident. You should also document your injuries in case your insurance claim needs to turn into a lawsuit in order to recover your losses.


Work with a San Jose Car Accident Lawyer

Understanding the San Jose car accident claim process can be tricky because each case is different and should be handled individually. Filing insurance and personal injury claims will usually end with better results if you have an attorney fighting to protect your interests.

Contact a San Jose car crash lawyer with Bohn & Fletcher, LLP. We can discuss your auto collision and the claim process for free during an initial consultation. Fill out our website contact form or call us today at 408-279-4222.