San Jose Defective Child Safety Seat Lawyers

Parents of all backgrounds share the same fear: serious injury or death to their child. For more than 40 years the attorneys at Bohn & Fletcher, LLP have represented clients throughout the Bay Area in auto accident negotiations and litigation, including claims involving child safety seats. Our firm focuses on each client’s individual needs, and we keep you informed during every step of the legal process. We are familiar with child safety seat industry standards, and have obtained outstanding results for children harmed by defective safety seats.

Protecting Your Most Precious Cargo

Most modern car seats for babies and children are certified safe by one or more standard organizations, provided that they are properly installed. However, if a child safety seat requires an unusually complex installation, the manufacturer is obligated by law to consider this difficulty in guaranteeing the safety of such a product. Our injury lawyers believe it is imperative to follow these child car seat safety tips:

  • Buy new child safety seats at least every five years to stay current on government standards
  • Read reviews before going to purchase a new car seat
  • Tell the salesperson that safety is your number one concern
  • Read and understand all child safety seat installation instructions prior to use
  • If you have a question, contact the manufacturer
  • After installation, push and pull the car seat to determine if it is installed correctly
  • Ask a spouse or neighbor to double-check your work
  • After strapping your child into the seat, ensure that the seat belt is not directly under the child’s neck
  • Correctly seat your child in the car seat every single time you drive
  • Locate a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration child car seat inspection station near you or ask your local police or fire department to install the seat for you

Accidents are unpredictable and often unavoidable. You may be just driving down your street when a drunk driver plows into you. The bottom line in child safety seat law is that responsible parents buckle their children in properly every time, no excuses.

Auto Accidents on Public Property

If your auto accident occurred on public property or was caused by a property defect like a pothole or insufficient lighting, the government entity responsible for that property may be liable. However, if your child was injured in an auto accident on public property and was not properly fastened into his or her car seat, the government lawyers will likely argue that any damage was a result of improper safety seat usage. Our attorneys urge every parent to follow car seat guidelines to effectively protect your children.

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