Highway 17 Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Highway 17 is a beautiful route for a scenic drive through the Bay Area, and it may seem perfect for taking your motorcycle out for a ride. Unfortunately, Highway 17 is also especially dangerous, and you may end your trip with serious injuries and lasting pain.

Getting compensation for a motorcycle crash is never easy—even if you didn’t cause your accident. While you’re likely suffering from serious injuries and financial strain, the insurance companies will not be as understanding as we are.

If you’ve had a serious crash on this stretch of highway, you may need a Highway 17 motorcycle accident lawyer to help you get the full compensation you deserve. A lot of opposition stands in the way, but our firm can help give you the peace of mind you need to recover.

Your Motorcycle Crash Injuries

nationa-trial-lawyersThe damage you might see in the wake of a Highway 17 motorcycle accident is massive. After all, you don’t have the same protections as the driver of a car, and even your helmet will only protect you from so much. As such, you will likely need intense, long-term care after your accident.

If you’re injured in a motorcycle crash, you need to keep track of any damages you experience because of your accident. You likely suffered greatly, and none of this pain should be excluded from your insurance coverage. Some examples of injuries you could expect to be covered are as follows:

  • Head Trauma Even with a helmet, enough force can cause severe damage, leaving you with lasting cognitive problems.
  • Spinal injuries – If your spinal cord is damaged, you could be paralyzed from that point down. Losing your mobility can be devastating on its own, and this injury can come with many other problems.
  • Broken Bones – Even in minor accidents, you could suffer severe fractures, which leave you with significantly less mobility than you previously had.

Fighting for Your Compensation

No matter how injured you are, however, the insurance companies are sure to fight back as you seek compensation. Fully compensating you isn’t in their best interests, after all, and you can expect to have trouble getting a response or help from the insurance companies.

By painting you as reckless, careless, and irresponsible on one of the most dangerous roads in California, they may not be able to pin all fault on you, but they may be able to sway the court to believe that your actions helped cause the accident. California recognizes “comparative negligence,” which means your compensation can be reduced if you’re found partially at fault for your Highway 17 motorcycle crash.

If you’re found negligent to any degree for your accident, your compensation will be reduced by that percentage. For instance, if you are found at 10 percent fault, your compensation will be reduced by 10 percent. When you’re recovering after a serious crash, you need everything you can get.

Call a Highway 17 Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Ram Fletcher Personal Injury Attorney

Ram Fletcher, Motorcycle Accident Attorney

It’s not easy getting full compensation as an injured motorcyclist, but we’re ready to fight for you and everything you’re owed. We know how the insurers will twist your statements and your involvement in the collision so they can avoid paying for your injuries.

That’s why you should call a Highway 17 motorcycle accident lawyer to help you through your claim. It may be a painful experience, but Bohn & Fletcher, LLP can help you get the full compensation you need to cover your expenses. To speak with us at no charge about what we can do for you, give us a call at 408-279-4222 or complete our online contact form below.