What to Do When You've Been Hit by an Uninsured Driver

It’s not something you often think about, but it’s an important issue: What do you do if the other driver who caused your car accident wasn’t insured? Unfortunately, there are very few things you can do. Here are your best options when you’re hit by an uninsured driver.

Filing an Uninsured Motorist Claim

First, if a person is uninsured, chances are they also don’t have a valid driver’s license. They probably are going to be dealing with legal trouble all on their own, so worrying about getting revenge on them for what they’ve done to you likely won’t do much but cause you stress.

Second, the main issue for you is not getting the uninsured driver to pay for what they’ve done; it’s figuring out how you will recover fair compensation for a crash you didn’t cause. Regrettably, there is no way to really hold the driver accountable if they didn’t have insurance.

You could sue the driver, but it’s unlikely they have any money to pay you with. Your best chance is to use your own insurance coverage to reimburse you for any out-of-pocket expenses you have had to pay after the accident.

The trick here is making sure that your insurer pays you fairly. If you’ve been paying to have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, then you expect to receive the money you need when you need it.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies have a way of “forgetting” to tell you about coverage you’re entitled to, or they may suddenly decide that it’s your job to calculate the value of your claim and losses. For these reasons, it’s usually in your interest to have some legal help when filing an uninsured/underinsured motorist claim.

How Can Your Lawyer Help You Maximize Your Insurance Coverage?

So, can you simply file a claim with your own insurance company? Millions of people do this on their own each year. Of course you can; however, it’s worth noting that you will likely get a higher settlement when you work with a lawyer.

Why is that? It’s because a lawyer knows what your claim is truly worth and knows how to spot the signs that an insurance company may be taking advantage of you.

Insurance companies, even your own, don’t want to pay out on claims. They lose money when they give it to you, so you know they want to avoid that if they can. That means they may do anything they can to lower your claim’s value.

Having a lawyer beside you, arguing for you and calculating the worth of your claim, will give you a better chance at the full and fair settlement you deserve.

Reach Out to an Attorney for Assistance with Your Insurance Claim

Uninsured drivers are a real problem, but there is a solution. Make sure that you have uninsured motorist protection. Your lawyer can help you to maximize your insurance coverage so that you receive every penny you’re owed for your losses. You don’t have to figure this out on your own—help is available.

Contact a vehicle crash attorney who can help you in filing your uninsured motorist claim. Insurance companies can be tricky to deal with—even your own insurance provider doesn’t want to pay out on claims. Reach Bohn & Fletcher, LLP by calling this number: 408-279-4222. You can also reach us through our web submission form below.