Our blog explains driving risks on July 4th.

What was the last traffic collision you heard about in Santa Clara County? Not long ago, reports that a Mazda had crashed into a row of parked cars surfaced. No one was injured in that incident, but only days later, a 60-year-old man lost his life when his Ford Mustang was struck on Highway 17.

Due to the high number of drivers and the difficulty of driving on certain roads, traffic crashes are very common in our area. This is why it’s important to know the law when it comes to traffic accidents, and the attorneys at Golden State Lawyers want to help.

When Can You File an Injury Claim After a Car Accident?

Did you know that California generally gives you two years to file a claim against the parties responsible for your traffic accident? This information is good to know because many things can happen after a crash. Delayed injuries or long medical treatments are just a few reasons why filing immediately may not always be the best option. Knowing how long you have to file can help you plan ahead and ensure you protect your rights.

You may also need to know what the statute of limitation is for claiming property damage. If your car was one of the vehicles damaged by the Mazda referred to earlier, then you would have three years to file a claim against the responsible parties. However, if a government vehicle or employee was involved in the accident that injured you or caused property damage, then you would have an entirely different set of statutes to follow.

In California, when government entities are involved in a traffic crash, victims have only six months to file a claim with the agency that was involved. The agency then has 45 days to respond. If it denies your claim, then you have another six months from the date of rejection to file your lawsuit. If you do not receive a rejection notice, then you have two years from the accident date to file.

To learn more about car accidents, and how you can protect yourself and your family, keep following the California auto accident attorneys here at Golden State Lawyers. We are dedicated to representing you when you need it the most.