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Over the years, Apple has evolved from a computer manufacturer to what many now consider a luxury brand. The company produces phones, tablets, TV entertainment boxes and watches in addition to its computers. These products are often considered top-of-the-line and carry a big price tag to bolster that perception. However, at least one person is calling Apple out on its reputation for quality.

Is the Apple Watch Defective, and Did the Company Know About It?

In March, a man from Colorado Springs was retrieving his Apple Watch from the charger. He had purchased the device in December 2016 but had since kept it in immaculate condition. So, he was a bit surprised when the watch’s screen detached as he retrieved it from the charger.

Taking the device to his local Apple Store, he was frustrated to learn that the sudden malfunction wasn’t covered by his limited warranty. The store offered to fix the watch for $249, but the man declined. He instead turned to the internet where he found several other Apple Watch owners faced with the same problem and the same response from Apple. The man decided to take action.

Filing a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for Northern California, the man claims that Apple has breached its warranty. Not only that, but he also claims that the company knew about Apple Watch screen failures. It accuses Apple of charging to repair this defect instead of issuing a recall or extending the warranty on these watches. A court will now decide if the company should be held responsible for this alleged defect.

Apple products are very pricey and fixing these devices can also carry a hefty bill. It’s no wonder that consumers would want to protect their interests after spending so much money. However, in most product liability cases, it is an issue of safety that spurs people to court.

Some consumer products that were manufactured or designed improperly can pose a danger to the public. If a person is hurt by such a defect, the company that built the product and/or the retail seller could be held liable. To learn more about how product defect laws work, keep following the San Jose product liability lawyers at Golden State Lawyers, LLP.