What are common causes of car accidents on Highway 17?

On June 16th, tragedy struck the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Several of the city’s workers were out fixing pipes on 28th Street in Diamond Heights. That’s when a vehicle broke loose from a tow truck and ran into one of the utility plumbers. The woman did not survive the crash, and now authorities are questioning if that tow company should have even been out on the road.

Why this Fatal Bay Area Tow Truck Crash Should Have Never Happened

When a black Buick broke loose and crashed into a 34-year-old PUC utility plumber, she was rushed to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. Unfortunately, her injuries were too severe, and the woman passed away, leaving a 2-year-old daughter motherless. The PUC mourned their loss, praising the woman’s life and career.

Not long after the tragedy, Cal-OSHA as well as the San Francisco Police Department started their investigations. However, NBC Bay Area did some digging and what the news station discovered was astounding. According to its report, the towing company at the center of this fatal Bay Area tow truck crash was operating on a suspended permit.

On April 20th, California Highway Patrol (CHP) suspended the permit after the company was issued 45 citations over a six-year period. Yet the company continued to operate. CHP went back in to inspect the tow truck company on July 5th and issued an unsatisfactory rating. However, the company has 120 days to fix its problems before it can be shut down. As of July 9th, the tow yard at the center of this controversy was still towing vehicles.

In cases like this, when the authorities seem to be one step behind, victims can have a hard time finding justice. Experienced personal injury attorneys can help victims and their families investigate incidents, find the responsible parties and hold them accountable. This is why it’s important to contact an attorney after you or a loved one have been injured in an accident.