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The California Highway Patrol released more information on the Interstate 880 accident in Fremont that killed three people and injured five others. On May 15, several people called 911 to report a speeding driver. Moments later, the driver caused a five-vehicle wreck when he crashed into an SUV while making an abrupt lane change. Police suspect the driver, a 21-year-old man from San Jose, was under the influence of cannabis at the time of the accident.

California recently legalized recreational cannabis for adults over 21 years old. State law enforcement officials are concerned that more motorists are driving under the influence of cannabis. The California Highway Patrol and police departments throughout the state are stepping up efforts to test drivers who are suspected of being under the influence.

The San Jose Mercury News recently published an article on other marijuana DUI accidents in the Bay Area. Between January and April, there were seven traffic accidents with injuries that resulted in a cannabis DUI arrest.

In other recent cases, motorists caused accidents because they were under the influence of cannabis and alcohol. Between January and April, motorists under the influence of cannabis and alcohol caused four collisions that resulted in injuries. One of those collisions also resulted in a death.

Testing for cannabis intoxication is difficult, but it is not impossible. This is one reason why it may be difficult to collect data on cannabis DUI accidents. California law enforcement officers may rely on “drug recognition experts” (DREs), which are officers who undergo specialized training to recognize drug intoxication. Police also use blood and field sobriety tests in conjunction with DREs.

Compensation for Marijuana DUI Accidents

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