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Truck accidents can be some of the most severe accidents you could potentially experience. Most truck accidents, however, are caused by driver negligence. While the trucker can be found to have acted in a negligent manner in some cases, commercial vehicle drivers involved in the accidents can also be found responsible due to reckless behavior. Here are a couple of driving behaviors to avoid when driving around semi-trucks.

Don’t Cut Trucks Off

While it may save you a few seconds on your commute, be patient and do not cut truckers off. This includes suddenly merging as well. By suddenly entering the trucker’s lane, the trucker will have to brake in order to avoid read ending you. Semi-trucks are very large and heavy, so it takes longer for the them to stop. This increased stop time means you may not have enough time to get out of the way of the approaching truck. The trucker could also make the mistake of trying to swerve to avoid hitting your car when you suddenly enter the lane. The trucker could easily side swipe you or even hit another driver in a neighboring lane. Even though you may be frustrated that the truck ahead seems to be moving very slowly, your life is worth more than a few saved seconds.

Don’t Drive in Blind Spots

Due to the massive size of their vehicles, truckers have huge blind spots that can make operating their large rigs more dangerous. The truck itself may also have warning signs informing other drivers about these dangerous blind spots. The point is to deter or stop drivers from driving in a truck’s blind spot and causing an accident. When driving near a semi-truck, avoid driving closely behind or beside the vehicle. A good rule of thumb to remember is if you can’t see the trucker’s mirrors, they can’t see you. In addition, avoid staying to the right of a semi-truck when it is making a right-hand turn. Truckers have to turn wide and trying to squeeze passed them may cause a collision.

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