Uber and Lyft end forced arbitration for ridesharing sexual assault claims.

When you are in a taxi accident, you might think filing a claim against the driver will be the same as any other car accident. However, drivers should be aware that taxi accident claims can be a little more complicated. Not only will the defense be aggressive about protecting their business and livelihood, but there may also be trouble proving driver liability. Keep in mind that there are two different taxi accident scenarios you might be faced with and you may need the assistance of an attorney to navigate through more complex cases.

The Taxi Hits You

If you are driving and are hit by a taxi, the collision is considered and treated like a typical two-car accident case. Like most cases of driver negligence, the injured party will be responsible for proving liability and damages. To prove liability, the person claiming harm will have to show that the taxi driver had a duty of care to be careful, and while driving, breached that duty of care. They must further prove that this breach caused the accident and resulted in injury.  If proven, monetary damages can be recovered to hold negligent parties responsible. Don’t be surprised if the taxi driver fights your personal injury claim. These drivers’ livelihood is dependent on their job so taxi drivers have much to lose if your claim is successful.

You Are a Passenger of a Taxi

If you are a passenger of a taxi and the taxi gets into an accident, you can pursue a personal injury claim against the taxi driver, the driver of the other vehicle in the collision, or both.  Your claim against the taxi driver may be easier to prove because they are considered “common carriers” which means that taxi drivers owe you an even higher duty than other motorists.  Depending on the facts of your case, there may be more than one way to go about recovering for damages caused while you are a passenger in a taxi.

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