Children's Sports Injuries: When You Can Seek Compensation

Because most parents are required to sign a waiver saying they understand the risks involved, you may not realize that you can seek compensation for an injury your child suffered while playing a sport.

In some cases, when a child is injured while playing sports, you aren’t able to seek damages for the injury, especially if the injury occurred within the normal play and course of the game.

However, there are instances in which you can file a personal injury claim on behalf of your child. Successful cases usually demonstrate that the injury occurred outside what is considered “normal” for the sport.


When Can a Parent File for Sports-Related Personal Injury Compensation?

You may be able to pursue damages from a school, city, league, coach, or instructor in the following circumstances:

  • If those in charge (e.g., coaches, instructors, etc.) allowed extreme force to be used during the game
  • Failure to remove an injured player from the game, aggravating an injury that would have otherwise been mild
  • Encouraging behaviors that are extreme or violent, outside of the normal amount allowed under the rules of the game
  • If your child is injured because of a dangerous situation, such as poorly maintained fields or equipment
  • Failure to act swiftly in an emergency situation, such as when a player has been seriously injured, has lost consciousness, or has received a head injury
  • When your child has been physically assaulted
  • If your child has been pushed beyond normal or reasonable limits, resulting in serious injury


Other Circumstances in Which You Could Pursue Damages for Sports Injuries

Violence should not be encouraged during youth sports. If your child has been injured because of violence outside of what is normal for the sport he or she is playing, you could be eligible to pursue personal injury compensation.

Some types of sports allow certain kinds of physical contact that is normal for that sport but not for others. For example, if your child is playing football, tackling may be considered normal. However, if your child’s soccer coach encouraged teammates to tackle each other during practice, resulting injuries could call for compensation.


Recovering Compensation for Your Child’s Sports-Related Injury

There are plenty of times when it would be more than justifiable for you to seek compensation for your child’s sports injury. You and your child can be compensated for the medical expenses associated with the injury, as well as pain and suffering and resulting physical limitations.


Need Help with Your Case?

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