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Infections can be an annoying, even dangerous, part of living in an urban area. Fortunately, when people follow basic rules of sanitation, they are usually preventable. When people do not follow basic rules of sanitation, others’ health and even their lives can be compromised. At Bohn & Fletcher, we have successfully represented many people whose lives have impacted by serious and preventable infections, both isolated and from community outbreaks.

In San Jose, we represent patrons infected by a severe strain of the Shigella bacteria contracted from the Mariscos San Juan restaurant (Mariscos #3) on October 16 and 17, 2015 in San Jose (owned by Sergio’s Restaurant, Inc.). More than 40 people have been hospitalized by this gastrointestinal infection with a dozen being admitted to the intensive care unit. Many more have been infected though not hospitalized. Some have been quarantined so as not to infect others.

Preliminary investigation by the Santa Clara County Public Health Department indicates this outbreak was caused by an individual(s) failing to follow basic safety protocol such as hand washing. In 2013, it is reported this restaurant was cited 10 times for health violations. Our job as lawyers for those infected is to hold the negligent parties responsible and to have them fairly and fully compensate those infected for their losses both financial and personal.