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Safety in product design, manufacturing, and packaging should always come first

Child safety seats. Automobiles. Tires. Toys. Appliances. The list of potentially harmful products is long and varied. Below the experienced product liability attorneys of Bohn & Fletcher share insights on product recalls.

What is a recall?

A recall is an action a manufacturer takes, either voluntarily or under the advice or direction of a governmental agency, to remove a product from the market.

What agencies govern product safety?

Certain governmental agencies are authorized to ensure the safety and efficacy of products. These include:

  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that governs the safety of drugs, medical devices, foods, and some supplements.
  • The National Highway & Traffic Safety Association (NHSTA) that drafts regulations to ensure safety of automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, and tires.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which oversees the safety of pesticides and other chemicals that may affect the environment.
  • The Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) that is responsible for the safe use of consumer products such as toys, appliances, tools, and furniture.

How is a recall communicated?

Manufacturers and governmental agencies use a variety of methods to communicate recalls to consumers. These include:

  • Direct customer notification. The manufacturer contacts customers (which could include wholesalers and distributors) about the recall. These middlemen may then need to contact their direct customers.
  • Public notification. The FDA issues publicly available warnings and alerts. It also posts lists of recalls on its website.
  • Public media. Recalls of cars make are often headlines in the news media and can be carried on television, radio, the internet, and social media.

What to do if you receive a notification of recall?

If you receive a letter that a product you purchased has been recalled, you should also receive instructions about issue resolution. This could mean, for instance, replacing parts or the entire product at the manufacturer’s expense.

Potential risks of products not yet recalled

Unfortunately, many products are not pulled from the market until tragedy strikes. If you or a loved one has been harmed by a defective product, please contact us. The defect could be the result of a flaw in the design, manufacturing, or packaging of the product. Our attorneys conduct thorough research into the facts of the case and work to obtain full and fair compensation for your injuries. At the same time, because we are committed to the safety of our communities, we dedicate ourselves to making sure manufacturers and others responsible for the injury are accountable for their actions. We want to ensure defective products do not cause further harm to others.