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Personal injury attorneys advocate for the rights of injured premises liability victims

California requires people, business and public entities to take reasonable measures to protect the public from unsafe conditions on their property. If an owner or renter fails to exercise the legally-required duty of care and you are injured as a result, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. At Bohn & Fletcher, our attorneys employ a practical, professional approach to ensure that our clients obtain full and fair compensation for their damages. This includes past and future medical bills, lost income, emotional distress, and pain and suffering.

Legal duty of care must be exercised

In addition to the existence of a dangerous condition on the premises causing you injury, for an owner or possessor of land to be found responsible, the evidence must also prove that:

  • The owner or renter of the property created the dangerous condition on the premises, or
  • The owner or renter of the property knew about the dangerous condition on the premises and did nothing to fix it or warn the others about it, or
  • The owner or renter should have known about the dangerous condition on the premises if a reasonable person would have been aware of it by conducting inspections.

Expert consultants lend authority to slip and fall cases

The attorneys at Bohn & Fletcher consult with knowledgeable and respected experts to assist with case preparation. With the assistance of physicians, human factors specialists and other experts, our attorneys fight for you to achieve maximum recovery. At trial, these experts are available to deliver clear, professional testimony so the jurors can understand the cause of the accident and extent of your injuries. These same experts can help convince negligent parties to settle the case before trial.

Timely filing of your claim protects your rights

By immediately consulting an attorney, you can preserve valuable evidence that may be needed later. The lawyers at Bohn & Fletcher thoroughly investigate every case and visit the premises where the accident occurred to gather crucial evidence, photograph the accident scene, and interview witnesses. Taking immediate action is important because if you wait too long, you could forfeit your right to file a claim entirely. California law requires all premises liability claims to be filed within two years of the accident. In cases involving public entities, a claim must be filed within six months.

Resources are provided to represent your case

To represent our clients most effectively, Bohn & Fletcher accepts all cases on contingency fee basis. That means we advance the costs of handling your slip and fall or other premises liability case. You do not pay us any fee unless we obtain compensation for you through settlement or trial.