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Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help Uncover the Facts and Recover for Wrongful Death

More than a year ago, a Sysco food vending company big rig struck and killed a female pedestrian near North Foothill Road and Cupertino Road. She was starting to cross the street when the semi-truck approached the intersection. The accident occurred at 7:00 am. Eyewitnesses described the woman as elderly. The medical examiner’s office identified her as 79-year-old Xiulin Du.

This accident raises several issues.

Meticulous research aimed at identifying Cupertino vehicle accident causes

Truck accidents are among the most deadly. Trucks have difficulty maneuvering in time to avoid crashes and their sheer weight and speed aggravate the risks. Federal, state, and local authorities could launch investigations. It is important to do so, because often valuable evidence can disappear. In this instance, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office was involved.

In general, Investigators look for tire marks and other indications of speed and braking. They look for signs of driver distraction, drug and alcohol use, and other driver impairments. They also check the vehicle to determine whether vehicle maintenance issues, such as faulty brakes or defective tires, contributed to or caused the accident. They comb trucking company records to ensure the driver complied with all federal and state regulations, including sufficient rest, vehicle maintenance while on the road, and training. Other maintenance records—along with the vehicle’s black box, if recoverable— will also be helpful to the investigation.

A good personal injury attorney conducts an independent investigation and works with a team of professionals—including accident reconstructionists, safety engineers, and medical specialists—to uncover details of the accident. Such details are vital to establishing possible negligence. In a trucking accident, negligence could involve the driver, the trucking company, and truck and tire manufacturers.

Eyewitness accounts are also important to the investigation process, especially when the accident victim is unable to have a voice. An experienced personal injury lawyer also examines all available reports, such as the accident report filed by the police.

In this specific trucking accident case, the driver of the eighteen-wheeler did not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. County investigators also ruled out speeding.

Wrongful death claims can bring some comfort to Cupertino families

Surviving family members of the accident victim may bring a wrongful death claim when they believe their loved one died as a result of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing. Evidence produced by careful investigations is obviously critical to a successful claim. Nothing can bring a victim back to the family. But loved ones can take some comfort in knowing that with legal assistance, they can hold responsible parties accountable for their actions.