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After spending thousands of dollars on a car, you expect it to be safe to drive. You assume – reasonably – that the manufacturer and dealer have kept your safety in mind, constructing and selling a well-built and safe machine. However, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Defective cars and defective car parts are sold every day putting drivers across the country at risk of serious injury or death. Auto accident lawyers in San Jose frequently encounter people you have been seriously injured, or families of people killed, by defective cars and car parts. These people may bring claims against manufacturers and sellers of these vehicles to hold them accountable for selling such dangerous cars and, thus, seriously impacting others’ lives.

A car and all its parts should be crashworthy before being sold. In the event of an accident, the car’s roof typically should not crush, the airbag should deploy properly and gas and fuel lines shouldn’t leak. Cars and their parts should not cause accidents either. Tires, brakes, engines and transmissions should all function properly. They should not fall apart and either cause accidents or amplify what might otherwise have been a small accident or near miss. Regularly check for national recalls to learn if your vehicle has been subject to a safety recall.

The following parties may be liable for your defective car:

  • Manufacturer — one who made the car or its component parts;
  • Car dealer — a new or used car dealer who sold the defective car or its component parts;
  • Parts dealer — one who sold the aftermarket parts;
  • Mechanic — a negligent mechanic might have made a mistake that compromised the safety of the vehicle;
  • Shipper or intermediary — something may have gone wrong during the shipping or distribution process.

In some cases, more than one party may be held legally responsible. Your auto accident attorney in San Jose can use a panel of experts and investigative tactics to determine whom to pursue for compensation.

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