Palo Alto Personal Injury Lawyer

After a serious injury caused by the negligence of another, a Palo Alto personal injury lawyer can help you recover full compensation for your losses and damages.

Suffering an injury can mean substantially negative consequences for your life and finances. When you’ve been hurt, it causes frustrating disruptions to your day-to-day routine, medical bills that are often incredibly high, and—in the worst-case scenarios—long-term The teamifications that affect your entire life.

If your injuries came about as a result of another party’s actions, it shouldn’t be your responsibility to suffer the burden. In this case, the law is on your side, and working with a Palo Alto personal injury lawyer is within your best interests.

When you need to file an injury claim, turn to Golden State Lawyers, APC. With our dedication to justice and our extensive knowledge and experience, we will fight on your behalf to recover full compensation for your damages.


Understanding the Timeline of Personal Injury Cases

In injury cases, there are strict legal time limits, and following them is important to ensuring success when seeking compensation for your accident. The most important guideline is referred to as a statute of limitations, and it controls how long you have to file your claim.

In the state of California, you have two years from the date of your serious injury to file a claim. However, if your personal injury was caused by a government agency, the timeline is much shorter: In these instances, you only have six months to file notice of your claim.

Failing to adhere to these deadlines could result in your claim not being heard, even if your injuries were substantial and your claim is otherwise valid. Your Palo Alto personal injury lawyer will be highly knowledgeable in this area of the law. We will ensure that your claim is filed in a timely manner, and that no mistakes are made that could jeopardize your compensation.


Examples of Serious Injury Cases

Aside from adhering to the necessary deadlines, another important facet of building your case is understanding the circumstances in which your injuries were sustained. Your Palo Alto personal injury lawyer will use the details of your accident to prove the liability of the at-fault party.

Some common examples of personal injury cases include the following:

  • Motor Vehicle Crashes – Whether your wreck involved a car, semi-truck, motorcycle or something else, we can help you determine who was at fault and how.
  • Premises Liability Accidents – If you were injured on someone else’s property due to an unaddressed hazard, the liability falls on the owner. It is their responsibility to ensure safety on their grounds, and anything from a broken staircase to falling objects could make them at fault.
  • Slip-and-Fall Accidents – These types of personal injury cases are especially common in places like grocery stores, restaurants, and retail stores. If you fell and hurt yourself due to a wet, slick, or sticky floor, you have the right to seek compensation.
  • Dog BitesAs friendly as they may seem, some dogs can be downright vicious without provocation. If you suffered injuries due to a dog attack, the dog’s owner can be held liable.


Let a Palo Alto Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Help You

Getting hurt is bad enough, but you don’t have to suffer through a stressful claims process as well. When you work with Golden State Lawyers, APC, we will handle every aspect of the negotiation process and any necessary legal proceedings, so you can rest assured that you have the best chance for recovering full compensation for your damages.

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