Campbell Truck Accident Lawyer

You would think that all truck drivers would maneuver safely on the road, considering both the great mass of their vehicles and the fact that they have gone to great lengths to obtain a commercial drivers license.

But the truth is that truck accidents are more common than you might imagine, which actually makes sense considering the various hazards that an 18-wheeler or semi-truck can pose.

Beyond suffering complications to their physical health, many truck accident victims worry that their financial health will suffer, too. To help ensure that your finances don’t nosedive after your truck accident, contact a Campbell truck accident lawyer at Golden State Lawyers, APC today.


Fault in Campbell Commercial Truck Wrecks

Campbell truck accident victims will likely face the harsh reality that it can be difficult to receive adequate compensation for your injuries. That’s thanks in part to a standard called comparative negligence, which makes it so liability can be distributed on a proportional basis to multiple motorists in a collision.

For instance, you might have committed a small infraction, such as going slightly above the speed limit, that contributed to your truck accident. If you’re found to carry 25 percent of total liability, you would only receive 75 percent of potential damages.

Because there is so much at stake, you can be sure that the truck driver, the truck’s owner, insurers, and any other stakeholders will try to downplay the trucker’s level of fault.

We recommend hiring a Campbell semi-truck crash attorney to help ensure that you receive all the compensation you’re entitled to.


Common 18-Wheeler Accident Injuries

Truck accident victims are almost always left with various injuries, which can include any of the following:

  • Brain injuries like concussions and contusions
  • Face or eye damage
  • Spine and back injuries, including paralysis
  • Fractured bones
  • Severe burns
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Internal bleeding

In the most severe circumstances, truck accidents in Campbell can lead to wrongful death. If that’s the case, your attorney can help you pursue compensation for the loss of your loved one.


Compensation for Your Campbell Semi-Truck Accident

Beyond identifying and documenting your injuries, you must account for all losses you have incurred because of your 18-wheeler accident in Campbell, as well as your expected future damages.

Examples of losses you may incur as a result of your accident include medical expenses, lost wages or diminished earning potential, vehicle repair or replacement, pain and suffering, emotional distress, reduced quality of life, and scarring or disfigurement.


Contact a Campbell Truck Accident Attorney

While the chance of a full recovery often looks small following a truck accident, California’s legal system is designed to help accident victims find their way back to better health through financial compensation.

To work with a legal team that has a strong track record of success with personal injury claims, contact a Campbell truck accident lawyer at Golden State Lawyers, APC. Call us at 408-279-4222 or head to the bottom of this page to complete our online contact form.