Campbell Personal Injury Lawyer

Anyone who has been seriously injured knows the toll that comes with having a long-term injury. It’s easy to fixate on past mistakes that cannot be undone, such as whether you could have prevented your injury, or to brood over how long it will take to get completely better.

While no one can promise an instant recovery, California law does allow accident victims to recover compensation for their injuries. To help ease the financial burden associated with taking care of your injuries, contact a Campbell personal injury lawyer at Golden State Lawyers, APC today.


Examples of Personal Injury Cases

The following are several of the many types of personal injury cases we handle in Campbell:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents – Despite all of the safety features inside modern vehicles, accidents do happen. In fact, according to federal traffic data, there was a slight increase in accidents in the United States from 2014 to 2015. Despite motor vehicle accidents being rather common, personal injury law is still foreign to many accident victims, which underscores the importance of consulting with a Campbell accident injury lawyer about your car crash, semi-truck accident, or motorcycle wreck.
  • Work and Construction AccidentsWhile most employers make an effort to keep the workplace comfortable and safe, mistakes and oversights will always be made. For many accident victims, workers compensation will suffice, but you may have the option to sue for personal injury damages, depending on the circumstances.
  • Premises LiabilityImagine you’re at a house party and you slip on a wet floor, severely injuring your back. If you can prove that the property’s owner was negligent, you may be able to obtain compensation in a premises liability suit. Keep in mind that any type of injury resulting from negligence counts, so you’re not limited to only slip-and-fall claims.
  • Product LiabilityAlthough manufacturers and distributors have a duty to sell safe products, they don’t always fulfill their end of the bargain. If you’ve suffered from a catastrophic, product-related injury, regardless of the seller’s intent, you may have a viable product liability suit before you.


Legal Matters to Consider

While no one expects you to become an expert in the law, we do advise clients to be aware of a few legal concepts. For example, California has a statute of limitations of two years for personal injury cases, meaning you must begin legal proceedings by this point for your suit to be considered valid.

Also be aware of the fact that California is a comparative fault state, which means multiple parties can be assigned a certain proportion of liability in personal injury cases.

In practice, this might translate into a court finding you or third parties partially liable, the former of which could result in a loss of damages proportionate to your level of fault. If you were found 20 percent responsible for your injuries, you would lose 20 percent of your potential compensation.

A Campbell injury attorney can clearly explain these and other legal concepts to you and make sure legal missteps don’t harm the value of your claim.


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You have already suffered enough because of your accident and injuries. Work with a law firm that will make your life easier—not harder.

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