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After suffering injuries in a car wreck, you’ll need to know who is financially liable and what amount of compensation would be fair. Get answers to both questions by working with a Mountain View car accident lawyer.

Getting into a car crash on a Northern California roadway is a scary situation that could not only leave your car totaled, but also leave you injured and not knowing what to do next. Fortunately, most accidents are minor and most drivers are insured. However, there are those times when a car accident turns into a complicated mess with a disagreement over who was at fault or an insurance company denying coverage or compensation for damages.

A Mountain View car accident lawyer from Golden State Lawyers, APC will work with you on your claim to determine the best route to take to get you the compensation you deserve. We will identify everyone who bore some level of responsibility for the wreck. This includes liability on the part of the vehicle manufacturers, retailers, and other suppliers. It may also include action against government entities for poor road maintenance and unsafe highway or bridge design.

Recovering Damages for a Car Crash

You may be able to recover money for your damages if your car accident was caused by another driver or a third party. Your Mountain View car accident lawyer will help you perform a full assessment of your losses so that a comprehensive compensation amount can be determined:

  • Vehicle Damage – Recovery includes damage done to your vehicle, whether it’s a dented fender or a completely totaled car. Insurance companies try to minimize their payouts for vehicle damage. However, when you couple this damage with the loss of income and medical treatments, compensation is necessary.
  • Physical Injuries – You only have one chance to settle with the at-fault party if you were in an auto wreck and received serious or permanent physical injuries. This is why an attorney is necessary as we can help reduce your debt, hardship, and stress. Physical injuries that frequently occur in car accidents include the following:

Do You Have Grounds to Seek Compensation?

golden state lawyers avvo ratingMaking the decision to file a lawsuit is never easy. After going through the insurance process and finding out how much will be offered, you might realize that it isn’t enough to cover all your expenses and bills. Insurance companies tend to prioritize their own bottom line when it comes to paying out for car crashes. They may even want to settle early to avoid additional litigation and expenses.

To avoid this, hire a Mountain View car accident lawyer from our firm. We will look over all the evidence from the accident and give you our best advice. Having a lawyer gives you leverage during negotiations and helps you recover the maximum amount of money.

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Mountain View Auto Accident Lawyer, Robert Bohn

Traffic accidents are one of the main sources of personal injury claims throughout the United States. Most minor vehicle wrecks can be resolved through your insurance company. However, accidents that are fatal or cause serious injuries should be handled by an experienced attorney from Golden State Lawyers, APC who knows how to maximize your monetary compensation.

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