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During our years of practice, we have found that many accident victims don’t realize the power afforded to them by California’s personal injury laws. Whether you’ve suffered temporary or long-term harm, you have the right to compensation for your various injuries and impairments if your accident wasn’t your fault.

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Case Types We Handle in Fremont

Almost any injury that was someone else’s fault can warrant a personal injury claim. Below, we have detailed a few of the case types we commonly handle:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents – As miles on the road rise, the numbers of fatalities and serious injuries caused by motor vehicles increase. While there’s no way to ensure that you won’t be in an accident, you can usually recover at least some compensation as long as you’re not found purely at fault for your car, motorcycle, or truck accident.
  • Construction and Workplace AccidentsYou typically think of your workplace as a safe space—a notion that’s aided by the modern comforts provided by today’s employers. Unfortunately, workplace accidents do happen, and often, workers compensation won’t suffice for your financial needs. In such cases, you might want to consider suing your employer for damages.
  • Product LiabilityWhile there have certainly been fabricated and frivolous product liability cases over the years, that doesn’t take away from those with merit. Any defective product that causes injury, whether it’s a small toy or a large truck, may warrant a product liability suit in Fremont.
  • Premises LiabilityLet’s say you get invited to a gala, and you’re injured in a slip-and-fall accident due to wet floors. It’s natural to wonder whether your situation will allow you to receive compensation; in many cases, it does. It will be your responsibility (or your lawyer’s) to prove that the property’s owner was negligent, however.


Legal Considerations in California

Every state uses a similar legal fThe teamework for litigating personal injury cases, although the details usually differ. California, for example, uses a standard called comparative fault in personal injury cases, which allows a plaintiff to recover damages from multiple parties.

This rule can play to a Fremont injury victim’s benefit in two ways: It opens him or her up to more opportunities to receive compensation, and it only bars recovery if he or she is found purely at fault for the injury-causing accident.

For instance, you could be deemed 40 percent responsible for your accident and still be able to recover 60 percent of any compensation awarded.

Also be aware of California’s statute of limitations for personal injury cases, which is two years. This means you will be given two years from the date of your accident to file your Fremont personal injury claim.

Because there are numerous other legal concepts we have not covered here, we highly encourage you to reach out to a personal injury lawyer in Fremont with any additional questions.


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Whether you’ve suffered a minor or serious injury at the hands of another party, you are likely entitled to compensation to help promote your full physical, emotional, and financial recovery.

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