Truck accidents kill thousands of people in the US each year. Thousands more suffer life-altering injuries when they are harmed in accidents with these massive vehicles.

Jan 15, 2021

T-Bone Truck Collisions

Speeding T-bone Truck Accident

Side Impact Truck Accidents No two truck collisions are the same.  One factor that differentiates collisions is how the collision occurred. Some collisions involve rear-end impacts, others head-on, still others involve rollovers. One particularly dangerous[…]

Dec 06, 2020

Tanker Truck Accidents

Tanker Truck Accidents Bohn & Fletcher

The trucking industry moves 71 percent of all freight in America. Approximately 25 percent of those trucks are tanker trucks hauling harmless products such as fruit juice, but the rest might haul dangerous contents, including[…]

Sep 16, 2020

Tow Truck Accidents

San Jose Tow Truck Accident Attorney

When your car won’t start or is otherwise disabled, a tow truck can help you out of a really unpleasant situation. However, these same helpful tow trucks may also cause serious accidents that result in[…]

Jul 10, 2020

Truck Rollovers

Truck Rollovers Bohn and Fletcher LLP

Truck accidents can result in some of the most severe injuries a person can sustain from a motor vehicle. Truck rollovers in particular have high fatality rates. If you suffer injuries in a truck rollover[…]