San Jose Pedicure Infection & Salon Injury Lawyers

The lawyers at Bohn & Fletcher take every injury seriously. Even the most minor injury can cause an infection, illness, scarring, or even death. In places like salons and spas, it is crucial to your health and your survival that they are well maintained and follow strict health guidelines.

Thousands of women have reported infections following pedicures. Some infections are caused by harmful bacteria that can accumulate in whirlpool foot baths due to improper cleaning and maintenance. These harmful bacteria can cause an infection and lead to death.

Improper Sanitation Injuries

In other cases, nail salons and spas have used tools that have not been properly sanitized or tools that are not meant for reusing. Salons and spas are also required to employ licensed technicians. Licenses bearing the employees’ photos are required to be displayed where customers can see them.

Fatal Salon Injuries

In a case where the injury resulted in death, the mother of a woman injured sued a nail salon alleging a bacterial infection from a pedicure contributed to her daughter’s death. An outbreak of bacterial infections has been traced to a Santa Cruz County salon in October of 2000. In November of 2004, an outbreak of skin infections impacted over 140 pedicure customers in 33 salons in Santa Clara County.

Bohn & Fletcher Recovers Millions for Nail Salon Injuries

Bohn & Fletcher has recovered over $6 million for 79 people who contracted infections as a result of receiving pedicures at salons in the San Jose area.

If you or a family member has suffered an injury, been scarred, or developed a fungus or infection due to an improperly performed pedicure, it is important that you speak to a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Contact the injury attorneys at Bohn & Fletcher, of San Jose, California, to talk about the best course of action for your case.

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