San Jose Airplane Accident Lawyers

Fighting for Victims of Airplane Accidents for More than 40 Years

Airplane accidents, though rare, can cause catastrophic injuries. The attorneys at Golden State Lawyers have recovered millions in monetary compensation for injured individuals. Whether you or a loved one sustained an injury from a jumbo jet, a small private plane, a helicopter or an ultralight aircraft, we do the necessary investigation to find out what caused the accident. We hire prominent experts in the field to examine the engineering of the aircraft and medical specialists to pinpoint the cause of your pain and suffering. Recovering for physical injuries, medical expenses and lost wages caused by an aviation accident requires experienced attorneys with the resources and commitment to achieve justice.

Holding Liable Parties Accountable in Airplane Crashes

Aviation accidents, whether involving a small charter plane or a commercial airline, often result in severe injury or death to the victims. If you or a loved one suffered an injury because of an aviation accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. A team of people is responsible for producing and operating a safe aircraft or helicopter, and anyone on that team may have contributed to your emotional, physical and financial damages. Our San Jose Airplane Accident Lawyers at Golden State Lawyers aggressively investigate the facts to determine whether the accident was caused by failures by any of the following:

  • The Pilot
  • The Flight Crew
  • The Aircraft Manufacturer, including the producers of all parts and machinery
  • The Air Traffic Controller
  • The Helicopter Pad Operator
  • The Maintenance Personnel

With more than 40 years of experience serving airplane accident victims in California, our accident lawyers can guide you through the legal process and help make sure all negligent parties are held accountable.

Get a Medical Evaluation After Any Accident

We advise everyone to get a medical evaluation after any plane, train, bus, motorcycle, automobile or plane accident. While people often feel fine immediately after an accident, symptoms of a problem may develop days or even weeks after the incident. In such cases the injuries may be more serious than you initially thought. Soon after an accident you may also be in a state of shock, and only a medical evaluation can properly diagnose your mental and emotional state at that time, and later if symptoms continue. If you eventually pursue a claim for compensation, these early medical visits serve as evidence that the accident caused your injuries and makes it more difficult for the opposition to argue your injuries were caused by something else.

Schedule an Initial Meeting

Your first meeting is free with all Golden State Lawyers attorneys. We offer representation on a contingency fee basis, meaning that if you are not compensated for your injury we take no attorney fee. We meet you in your home or hospital throughout the San Francisco Bay Area if you cannot travel. If you have legal questions, we have answers. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you pursue justice. Contact us online or call today at 408-279-4222 to schedule your first free meeting with our experienced staff.