San Jose Dog Bite Lawyer

Child Victims

Children are most often the victims of dog bites for several reasons. They are shorter than adults and their faces are closer to a dog’s face. Children often do unexpected things that may frighten a dog. Children lack the awareness of a dog’s propensities and may not naturally protect themselves as an adult might. Children are more likely to stare into the eyes of a dog, which may be interpreted by the dog as a challenge or provocation. You need a San Jose Dog Bite Lawyer with experience.

Other Common Victims

Other common subjects of dog attacks are meter readers and mail carriers who often have to enter a dog owner’s yard or walk to the front door of the house. Many dogs have a natural tendency to protect the homestead and are known to bark at intruders and sometimes launch a full-scale attack.

A dog attack is a frightening event. For centuries, large dogs have been used by the police, military and private individuals and have been known to kill people. Even with small dogs, bites can become infected and can leave ugly scars. Those who have been injured in a dog attack often are left with lifelong fear or apprehension of dogs requiring psychological counseling to deal with such fears and nightmares.

San Jose Dog Bite Lawyer

A major part of any dog bite case is discovering the identity of the owner of the dog and how the attack occurred and then knowing how to evaluate the resulting damages. Bohn & Fletcher has the knowledge and skills to assist those who have suffered dog bites in recovering full and adequate compensation for their injuries, both physical and psychological.

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